Fruit based face wash keeps your skin glowing

fruit face wash

There is always an urge to hit the bed early, to catch a well earned night’s sleep. But waking up in the morning, is not that easy. We always seem to need something to wake us up. For many, it is a hot cup of coffee that shakes them out of their sleep. Though coffee is refreshing, what helps us to start our day fresh is a clean face wash. A good face wash can refresh us from our sleepy state. No one likes to start a day, feeling tired and dull. In our blueprint for wellness, let us find out how we can avoid looking tired and dull. Oily skin is what makes you feel and look dull. A good face wash, washes away the oil accumulated on the skin pores, leaving the skin glowing.

What makes a good face wash?
Fruits are the natural way to keep the skin healthy and glowing. We all know that fruits have many beneficial properties that keep us healthy. Fruits like berries, lemon and apple work wonders as natural remedies on the skin.

Berries contain natural antioxidants that protect the skin from environmental stress. The antioxidants have the ability to recover the skin from damages caused by excessive UV exposure. The salicyclic acid in strawberries removes the dead skin cells, exposing the smooth, radiant skin below.

Lemons are an excellent source of Vitamin C. This makes them very popular as an ingredient of home made beauty care. Vitamin C forms a key ingredient for treating skin.

Apples have excellent health benefits. Their antioxidant properties help to prevent cell and tissue damage. Nutritionists have proved that apples contain elastin and collagen, in abundance. These help to keep the skin young.

Recognizing the beneficial properties of fruits, it would be great to start the day with a fruit based face wash. A face wash made from fruits provides the best care for our skin. Concentrates of berry, lemon and apple can make the best face wash, that can treat oily, dull or tired looking skin. Now, you can start the day with a glow, that will keep you glowing through out the day. Make the fruit based face wash, part of your blueprint for wellness.