Keep arguing with your spouse? Hunger and low blood sugar could be the reason

Couples are more likely to fall out if they are hungry. According to experts, persons tend to get angry or confront their spouses when they are hungry or when their blood sugar levels are low.
Dr.Bushman, a lead researcher from Ohio state university, publishing the results of a research study had this to say: “We found that being hungry can affect our behavior in a bad way, even in most intimate relationships.”
hunger and low blood sugar
The study was done on 107 married couples. Each husband and wife involved in the study were given a vodoo doll and asked to stick up to 51 pins in it at the end of each day, depending on how angry their spouse had made them. At the same time, a blood sugar test was done on the participants every morning and evening. The results showed that lower blood glucose in the evening coincided with more pins being stuck in voodoo dolls. When they had lower blood glucose, they felt angrier and took it out on the dolls representing their spouse,” said Dr Bushman. “Even those who reported they had good relationships with their spouses were more likely to express anger if their blood glucose levels were lower.”
The author believes that the self-control needed to prevent aggressive outbursts uses up energy in the brain, which may be unable to keep a lid on angry emotions if it lacks glucose “fuel”.
“Even though the brain is only 2% of our body weight, it consumes about 20% of our calories,” Dr Bushman added. “It is a very demanding organ when it comes to energy.
“It’s simple advice but it works: Before you have a difficult conversation with your spouse, make sure you’re not hungry.”
Next time you and your partner argue over bills/childcare/him not returning home early or leaving the toilet seat up (again), take a break from each other, go to the kitchen and eat a chocolate bar.