Robot maids

What can a robot do?

Robotic cleaners are gadgets that can mop floors, scrub carpets and shine windows. They clean all types of surfaces, from marble and tiles to carpet, glass and wood. You would be proud of the robot’s mopping skills when a drink is spilt during a party. The inbuilt UV ray lamp helps destroy virus and bacteria.

Auto scheduled cleaning

On a full battery charge, the gadget can work from 45 to 90 minutes. It does not stop on its job, on account of the battery getting fully discharged. robotic cleaner It can sense when the battery is nearing its end, and automatically moves over to the power point and recharges its battery in between the cleaning cycles. The rooms have lot of obstacles in the form of furniture and other objects? No problem for the robotic cleaner. It has an in-built obstacle and edge detection intelligence that prevents it from colliding into people and furniture, and rolling down a flight of stairs. The robotic cleaner can go about the job of cleaning without any human presence or interference. The unit can be auto-scheduled to kick off cleaning operations at particular time and date. When you return home tired after a hard day’s work, how refreshing it would be to enter into a clean home. A disc shaped robotic cleaner, spruces up your home before you are back from work. Any one would enjoy the idea of returning to a clean home every night.

Influx of technology

People do not find time for the cleaning  jobs. Efficient domestic help is tough and expensive to find. It’s only natural for technology to step in. The Japan Robot Association has predicted that by 2025, the personal robot industry that stands at $5 billion today, will be worth more than $50 billion a year globally.

Technology is taking up every job at home. Washing machines, Mixers and blenders and dish washers are combining to contribute to our wellness. Robotic cleaners are slowly but surely claiming the cleaning and mopping jobs from vacuum cleaners.  Their addition to the least of gadgets at home, would allow us more time for ourselves.