Things People Like To Do Before Sleep

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It is a known fact that a person’s success depends on his mental and physical health. Health, both physical and mental, in turn depends almost entirely on the person’s ability to sleep well or get enough sleep. The last thing that a person does before going to sleep often determines how well and how much he sleeps.

Here is a list of things people like to do before going to sleep:

  • Reading

    Most people love reading before going to sleep. This is a habit that is commonly found in successful people. They believe reading helps them catch up with the latest stories. While some browse online blogs or twitter, others enjoy reading novels, a few verses from the religious books or even ancient philosophy. They believe reading helps them gather information from a variety of sources. This information fuels greater creativity and passion in their lives.

  • A to-do-list

    According to Michael Kerr, an international business speaker, “Often people take the time before going to sleep, to write down a list of things left unattended during the day, so these thoughts don’t end up invading their head space during the night.” Clearing the mind is critical for a good night sleep.

  • Spend time with the family

    Michael Woodward, Ph.D., an organizational psychologist says it’s important to make some time to chat with your partner, talk to your kids or play with your dog. This is a great way to stay connected and talk about your days.

  • Reflect on the day

    Many successful people like to think or write down about the things that made them happy during the day. Thinking about what went right puts them in a positive frame of mind which in turn would be a motivating factor during their challenging moments.

  • Meditate

    A 10 minute meditation before going to bed, helps to calm the mind and relax the body. Its a great way to prepare for a sound sleep.

  • Plan out sleep

    Not getting enough sleep is one mighty cause for many health problems. Successful people make it a priority to get enough sleep. But this may not be easily possible for people busy with work or business. One key habit sleep experts suggest to help ensure a good night sleep is to go to bed at consistent time every night.

  • Get mind off work

    Get your mind out of work before you lie down to go to sleep. Successful people try not to think about or dwell on work related issues before going to sleep.

  • Lie down on a positive note

    Reflect on the positive moments of the day and celebrate the successes. Thinking of failures or negative situations will only create more stress. Wishing you had handled the negative situation differently will not do any good to your sleep quality.

  • Picture the next day’s success

    It is important to go to sleep on a positive note. Successful people take time to think positively about the projects they are working on.